Event Terms

By taking part in the Just Walk walking challenge 2018 you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions.

    • You agree to the medical disclaimer (see below after Event Terms)
    • If you are registering other people to take part in Just Walk you have their permission to give the event organisers their personal details.
    • If you are registering other people to take part in Just Walk you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and medical disclaimer on their behalf.
    • The event organisers reserve the right to alter the itinerary or to make changes to the event if required and you will be informed of any changes.
    • No under 16’s are allowed to enter and participate in the 60km, 45km and 35km routes.
    • All under 18’s must be accompanied on the route by a responsible adult who is also registered to participate in the event.
    • All under 18’s remain the responsibility of parent/carer’s at all time and must also be registered by a responsible parent/carer. They should only enter the challenge under the supervision of parent/carers at all time.
    • You agree to pay the fee stated on the Just Walk website and on the registration form.
    • If you cancel your registration the fee that you have paid when registering is 50% refundable up until 28 days prior to the event date after this it is non refundable.
    • If you choose to walk a shorter distance after you have paid your registration fee the difference between fees is non refundable.
    • If you choose to walk a longer distance after you have paid your registration fee then the difference in registration fees between the distances must be paid to the event organisers.
    • A family ticket for the 10km and 25km must be made up of two over 14’s and two under 14’s, with at least one family member being over 18. No other options are allowed.
    • The event organisers reserves the right to cancel the event due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control or for any safety related reason.
    • In regards to data protection we shall ensure that appropriate security measures are in place to protect your personal data. As a participant of Just Walk you consent to your name and email address being shared with your chosen charity of choice and allow them to contact you regarding Just Walk if they choose to do so.
    • You accept that this challenge can be strenuous and that ATD take no liability for injuries or ill health resulting from participation in this event.
    • You are taking part in this event at your own risk and will not indemnify ATD or its suppliers or anyone acting on their behalf for any risk, damage, loss or costs arising as a result of your participation.
    • The Event Manager may at any time during the event terminate your participation if it is considered necessary for the health and safety of other walkers, and/or if you commit an illegal act.
    • Prior and during the event you will be responsible for your own safety and will take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of others and will comply promptly with any safety instructions given by the event organisers or any person acting on their behalf.


Just Walk Medical Disclaimer

I understand that the Just Walk event is a physical challenge. I am sufficiently fit and healthy to safely participate in the Just Walk event. I do not suffer from any medical condition which would adversely affect my ability to safely participate in all activities involved for Just Walk.

I agree that on the day of Just Walk when asked I will provide the event organisers with accurate details of any medical conditions, allergies, current medication and provide an Emergency Next of Kin name and telephone number.

I will also agree to be treated by the event medics should a medical situation occur. Should you have any medical conditions you are concerned about which may affect your fitness to participate in Just Walk we advise you seek medical consultation prior to the event before participating.